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Kehai Machinery - Domestic Pump Valves Urgently Need Industry Self-Discipline to Win International R

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The 7th Brazilian International Pipeline Pump Valve and Component Exhibition of Cohai Machinery was held at the Immigration Exhibition Center of Sao Paulo. Zhejiang Aoxiang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and more than 100 domestic pump and valve enterprises participated in the exhibition. In recent years, more and more domestic pump and valve enterprises began to go out, gradually becoming a normal industry, but in the process of going out, it is not as smooth as expected.

Going out has become the norm in the industry

It is understood that the Brazilian International Pipeline Pump Valves and Components Exhibition has been successfully held for six sessions, this is the seventh session, the exhibition is the main channel for the pipeline, valve and components industry to enter the Brazilian and South American markets, every year will attract enterprises from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. This time, more than 100 Chinese enterprises participated in the exhibition, accounting for nearly half of the exhibition area.

As one of the exhibitors, Cai Zong, head of Zhejiang Aoxiang Automation Technology Co., Ltd., said that this is the first time that his company has come to Brazil market. At present, Aoxiang is actively carrying out the strategy of going out. The company participates in more than ten foreign exhibitions every year. After accumulating the original capital through the domestic market, going out has become the development direction for many domestic pump and valve enterprises to expand their sales channels. From the number and area of Chinese enterprises participating in this exhibition, we can see that everyone's consciousness is very strong. Kehai Machinery

With China's entry into WTO, more and more domestic enterprises begin to realize that they want to go out. In this wave, many pump and valve enterprises have stepped into the international market, and have made a lot of achievements. The main export enterprises of valve and pump industry in China are Wenzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo, Shanghai and Suzhou. The United States is the largest exporter of valve industry in China, accounting for 22% of total exports, followed by Britain and Japan, accounting for 10%.

Data show that from January to June this year, Wenzhou alone exported 8672 batches of valve products, with an export value of 269 million US dollars, an increase of 42.33% over the same period last year. At the same time, Yongjia enterprises with self-export rights exported pump valves of US$14388 million, an increase of 61.4% over the same period last year.

Foreign participation in exhibitions has been vigilantly questioned

Although the international market is widely favored by domestic enterprises, in fact, the domestic pump valve products in the international market share is relatively low. The total annual sales of pump and valve industry in China are about 100 billion yuan, and the export accounts for only 2% of the total annual sales of pump and valve. Most of the export products are OEM or low value-added products, and the export volume is small, so the product brand has not been able to form an influence in the international market.

Careful exhibitors will find such a distressing phenomenon when they participate in foreign exhibitions: there are not many foreign customers willing to visit the China Pavilion. If Chinese exhibitors visit the exhibition halls of foreign exhibitors, their staff will be very afraid and vigilant, and Chinese exhibitors will be prohibited from taking photos.

For many Chinese pump and valve enterprises that spend a lot of manpower and material resources to participate in foreign exhibitions, the effect of foreign exhibitions is often disappointing. Although many enterprises have the financial strength to do these things, the results are always very injurious.

To sum up the reasons, it can be found that in the eyes of foreign customers, Chinese pump and valve products are always labeled as jerry-building, unstable quality and low price competition. Foreign investors'vigilance and questioning of domestic enterprises are often caused by their impression that domestic enterprises are plagiarizing, infringing and disrespecting intellectual property rights. This attitude of disapproval and distrust has greatly affected the international reputation of domestic pump and valve products.

On the other hand, the export of pump and valve products is mostly settled in US dollars, and the exchange rate risk caused by the appreciation of RMB is even worse, all of which cause the export profit margin of the valve industry to decrease continuously.

Must strengthen self-discipline to win trust

At present, the quality of some domestic pump and valve enterprises is not very good, which damages the interests of the domestic industry and the image of Chinese pump and valve export products, resulting in the export dilemma faced by domestic pump and valve enterprises.

It is understood that, in addition to the lack of strict control over product quality, some domestic pump and valve enterprises, in terms of production cooperation, arbitrarily change the product model, unilaterally adjust the contract content, resulting in damage to the reputation of the industry. Some insiders said: "At the beginning of China's opening to the outside world, the international market did not know much about domestic products and was willing to accept attempts. But for a long time, foreign customers find that the quality of Chinese products is not good, feel that they have suffered losses, they dare not buy again. This leads to the worse and worse effect of foreign exhibitions.

Cai Zongzhong, head of Zhejiang Aoxiang Auto-control Technology Co., Ltd., concluded: "With the overcapacity of various industries in China, it is an inevitable trend for Chinese enterprises to go out in the future, but this road will be very difficult. This requires our pump and valve enterprises to work together, restrain their own behavior, strictly control product quality, and use international standards to upgrade products. Only in this way, our pump and valve products can win the respect and trust of foreign customers.

Chinese pump and valve enterprises are facing the situation of increasing export pressure. Only by strengthening independent innovation, respecting intellectual property rights and shifting from quantity and scale expansion to focusing more on quality and efficiency, can they win a place in the international pump and valve market. Kehai Machinery

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